Cohort: 8 Team: Dan Moore and Lisa Siva HeyHon brings couples together to talk finance and deepen their relationships. »

Dan Moore

Cohort: 8 Flashpoint Company: HeyHon Dan is a full-stack blockchain developer. His most recent decentralized app was awarded 3rd place at DAPPHack, a hackathon judged by »

Lisa Siva

Cohort: 8 Flashpoint Company: HeyHon Lisa is a co-founder of HeyHon, which helps couples deepen their relationships through meaningful conversation. She has a proven track record »

Marauder Robotics

Cohort: 8 Team: Dennis Yancey, Arthur McClung, and Daniel Rodriguez Developing technologies to restore marine environments that have been compromised by overfishing. Our initial products are »

Dennis Yancey

Cohort: 8 Flashpoint Company: Marauder Robotics Dr. Dennis Yancey, is the CEO and co-founder of Marauder Robotics (formerly known as Coastal Waters Biotechnology 2, CWB2). Dennis »