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Jianan Sun

Jianan Sun

by Namratha Vedire

Posted on 16 June 2018

Cohort: 8
Flashpoint Company: Mercedes-Benz USA

Jianan Sun currently serves as the Solution Architect within the IT Innovation Hub Team at Mercedes-Benz. She has been with Mercedes since October 2017. Her focuses within the team are to design innovation process, introduce customer discovery tools, and facilitate internal innovation-related initiatives. Jianan earned her MBA in 2014 and her PhD in automotive engineering in 2017, both from Clemson University. Jianan’s researches focused on the economical impacts of intelligent urban transportation system implementation. She was part of the prototype design of a 2025 Mini Cooper (Deep Orange Project). She also did a demonstration on her doctoral thesis to policymakers at the U.S. Congress (Capitol Hill) in Feb 2014. Jianan is a graduate of Flashpoint Cohort 8.