Cohort: 5 Founders: Bill Madigan EduGameStar is educational therapy for dyslexics in video game format that overcomes dyslexia by building all the skills and fluency a »

Bill Madigan

Cohort: 5 Flashpoint Company: Reading & Writing Institute /Edugamestar Bill Madigan is the CEO of Edugamestar, a company bringing "Virtual Reading Interventions" to the K-12 space. »


Cohort: 5 Founders: James Harris Virtual in-store sales events for brick and mortar retail. »

James Harris

Cohort: 5 Flashpoint Company: N4MD James Harris is the CEO of N4MD, a company that empowers corporate communicators to "automagically" blend local news, social media and »


Cohort: 5 Founders: Andrew Lewis, Nagi Gebraeel, Data curation, predictive analytics and decision support systems for equipment health in the energy and transportation sectors. »